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Does Banner Advertising Work For Local Businesses

Getting your local business noticed is very important; Sometimes more important than your product or service itself, no matter how great your product/service is, if no one sees it or knows about it then you and your business will fail.

Getting noticed can mean the difference between your business being a great success and your business ultimately failing, which many do within the first twelve months, although even if your business survives this initial period you can still fail if you get your advertising wrong such as using the wrong type, the wrong advertising medium or having too small or too large a budget.

Unlike a large business or corporation that can simply throw thousands of pounds a year into its advertising budget whether it works or not, a smaller, local business must make sure that every penny is spent wisely and their advertising efforts not only reach people but reach the correct people at the correct time with the correct message.

Advertising That No Longer Works

Go back 15-20 years or even less and the way businesses advertised locally was completely different to the way businesses advertise locally today, a local plumber, electronic, plasterer or joiner for example simply advertised in the local press, because that’s where people looked for their services.

Those businesses or tradesmen with larger advertising budgets choose to also advertise in directories such as the Yellow Pages, The Thomson Local, The Phone Book and similar, these publications however have all but vanished from our lives, the last to go – The Yellow Pages – recently announced that it will no longer be printing the directory after 2019, even though most of us thought they closed down many years ago in favour of their abysmal online service, more about that in another article.

Even thought these major publications can no long maintain a big enough readership or attract new advertisers you still get the odd – local directory – calling you up claiming to have a local readership of thousands, when in reality they simply deliver to thousands of household and then end up in thousands of kitchen bins.

Advertisers paying for an ad or a full page spread in these local directories are simply throwing money away, in fact any printed directory should be avoided and that goes for local newspapers too, when was the last time you browsed the classifieds of your local newspaper?

How to Reach Your Customers through Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising has become very popular with small businesses in recent years; a contributing factor is that because of modern digital printing equipment the cost of getting a banner printed has come down considerably meaning that even businesses with tiny advertising budgets can get great looking, full colour, professional banners printed quickly and cheaply.

The beauty of printed banners is that they can be used for a full range purposes and at various locations both indoors and outdoors.

Banners can be used outside of your business premises or shop to inform passers by of your latest deals, products or offers. Remember, a passer by seeing a banner offering the services or products they are interested can turn into a customer. Why put an A4 sized piece of paper in your window that someone will only read if they stop to look at your window when you can get a 6 foot banner printed in full colour for a few pounds that simply can’t be missed..

Banners can also be used away from your premise to inform potential customers of your location or to advertise deals, offers or your services, many businesses ask local residents and other business owners if they can display their banner at there property/premises if it’s a good location – sometimes they’ll pay the resident/business – or come up with some other deal, beneficial to both parties.

This is done instead of using banners on council land which is currently a grey area, some councils will simply take banners down that they find on public highways others require you to ask for permission if the banner is over certain size, some councils are fine with it as long as the banner is kept neat and tidy and is in good taste.

A good idea is to check with your local council to see what their policy is on banner advertising and placement. Most are Ok with temporary banners that you promise to take down after the event, however for more long term it’s a different story

Banners are also popular at events and expo’s where you can literally take your business branding with you in the form of banners, pop banners and other printed materials.

With any service – banner printing included – the quality and pricing will change company by company and whilst digital printing has allowed banner prices to come down you should avoid the to good to be true pricing that only results in poor quality printing and poor quality materials that fall apart in a light rain..

If you’re looking for a professional printer and banner supplier in Manchester then you can’t go far wrong with Universal Signage in Trafford Park who have been the signage industry since 2018 and during this time have built up a solid reputation across Greater Manchester and the North West for being professional, reliable and affordable.

In Summary, Banner Advertising is a cheap and cost effective way of promoting your business and should always be considered, whatever your budget.

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