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What’s The Best Kind of Shop Front Signage For My New Business?

So you are starting a brand new high street business?  It’s a dream of yours that you have had for many, many years but you’ve only just had the time, the courage and the funds to finally quit your 9 to 5 and take the plunge…  You have all of your stock sorted; you’ve had your shop interior fitted out with the latest equipment, flooring, shelving, counters, checkouts etc and you’ve had the most modern up to date lighting fitted and you’re ready to start trading… right? What about your shop front signage?

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In these modern times many business owners and business marketing managers focus way too much on the online aspect of the businesses they own or manage and for many businesses this is of course the correct thing to do as this is where a majority of their work comes from nowadays, take a local plumber or heating engineer for example looking for 24 hour emergency callout work or a locksmith looking for someone locked out of their home, office or vehicle, 2017 statistics from a University of Manchester study shows that 98% of the public now turn to a computer, tablet or a smart phone to search for these types of local tradesman services which is why it is more important that ever to make sure that 1. You actually have a working, modern company website. 2. Your web site is compatible with and enhanced for tablets and mobile devices, and 3. Your website appears in the first page of search results for your business niche in your local area.

However, There are still a large number of niches and businesses where internet searches and online purchases still only brings in a percentage of the companies turnover with the rest of the businesses turnover being referred to as ‘passing trade’. Passing trade is what city and town centre shops get on a daily basis, some shops and stores get more passing trade that others, many people with say it’s all down to location but the correct shop front signage can make all the difference.

Decades ago most retail signage was quite boring, mainly just painted words and logos on wood, unless you where a very big corporation with a massive signage budget, nowadays with much improved manufacturing techniques and less expensive materials, impressive signage is a lot more affordable, even for small start-ups and sole traders with very limited signage budgets.

Never Simply Copy Someone Else’s Signage

You might see a sign outside of another business that you like and want to copy and we all know that imitation is the best form of flattery but never do this when it comes to exterior shop signage. The sign might end up being too similar and you might end up being forced to remove it for legal reasons or even worse end up being forced to pay damages too, both scenarios hitting you hard in the pocket.

Or what if the company you emulated ended up being a bad one or ended up going under and local people starting thinking your business and this business was the same or linked together somehow?

More importantly, you want to be unique, a professional sign maker will take inspiration from another sign design but will never copy it completely. If you use a professional signage company they should give you the right advice and it will never be you copy another sign.

Is The Type of Signage You Have Important?

The type of shop front signage that you have is as important as the initial colour scheme and overall branding you choose for your business. There are a full range of styles and types of signage available including illuminated signs, neon signs backlit signs, raised signs, 3D signs etc….

Your signage company will look at your location. Are you on the high street or are you in a side street? Are you surrounded by tall buildings blocking your light? Are you on a straight road or on a curved road or street? Are you in a shopping centre or town centre? All of these factors help the sign maker choose the correct signage for your business, signage that will make your shop or store stand out from the crown or be visible from a great distance help you get the maximum amount of passing traffic.

Shop Front Signage isn’t simply just to look nice, it serves a purpose and can help bring in the custom you need


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