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Why Bi Folding Doors are the preferred choice for UK homeowners

Back the 70’s patio doors where all the rage, sliding ones, tilt and slide versions, you name it every home had one, move onto the 90’s and the 2000’s and the new rage was French doors… French doors where in my opinion far superior and they had a double opening whereas patio doors where in fact a single door and a large window? Think about it! even if you had a dual opening version that could open from the left or the right you could only ever open one side at a time.

Whilst French doors did in fact open up your home to the outside which is what everyone wants during our extremely short UK summers people wanted even more and designers took inspiration from the bars and clubs in the Mediterranean where concertina type doors where the norm and bars clubs looked as if they where completely open to the outside when the doors where fully open yet could still close up at the end of the season.

So the Bi-Folding Door or Bi-Folds as they are now more commonly known as where born and  CERTASS Certified home improvement companies started to tout them to their clients.. At first people where reluctant because unlike replacing a patio door with a French door – which simply occupied the same space and was more or less a straight swap –  having bi-folds installed was a lot more involved and consisted of removing walls and adding load bearing beams.

The good news however was that even though this was considered a redesign of your home, planning permission was not required and when home improvement companies started to post pictures and videos of completed projects online the public simply fell in love with them.

Bi Folding doors really do open up your home to the outside; imagine a 6 metre or more wide wall at the back of your home suddenly being gone and your looking out onto your garden? This is the beauty of the bi fold door and more and more homes in the UK are starting to look more and more like Mediterranean or Caribbean villas.

For people who either don’t want or can’t have an entire wall knocked down and replaced with bi folding doors there is also the option or an organery or conservatory that incorporates bi folding doors into its design. An orangery with bi folding doors and a glass roof looks stunning attached to any home.

This is why more and more homeowners are choosing to improve rather than move. Bi Folding Doors are here to stay and are becoming more popular each year.

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