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Do CCTV systems act as a deterrent or do people still get burgled regardless?

Both people and businesses get CCTV or Home Security systems installed at their home or business premises for different reasons. Some medium to large companies have a CCTV system installed at their business, warehouse or factory to keep a watchful eye on staff, stock or both whilst people getting CCTV installed in private homes do so to protect their family and their belongings.

For businesses a return on investment is usually obtained in the way of saved stock, staff discipline or any number of other benefits that can be gained from having 24 hour surveillance on your premises and employees.

However with a private home a return on investment cannot really be added up as a CCTV system on the private residence is mainly used as a deterrent to warn off potential breaks ins and burglaries but  the question on everyone’s lips is ‘does a CCTV system actually work as a deterrent?’

Before CCTV systems become more affordable for the private household individuals mainly relied on good secure locks, solid doors and a professionally installed burglar alarm system. The thing about burglar alarms is that many people have become so accustomed the hearing them going of that 95% of people simply ignore them and the burglary simply carries on, and even when the system is a fully monitored system the monitoring company needs to be 100% certain that it isn’t a false alarm before sending out the police otherwise the home owner can get hit with a hefty bill.

Recent statistics released by the UK crime prevention unit show that CCTV systems fitted to private residences do act a deterrent and even when a home still get broken into the burglar usually leaves empty handed as soon and he or she sees the cameras watching them, but why is this?

The great thing about modern CCTV systems is their ability to record and the ability for live viewing from anywhere in the world via a computer, tablet or mobile phone and it is this the burglar fears because the burglar doesn’t know whether or not you are monitoring the camera.

A homeowner monitoring his or her own home security cameras can alert the police straight away and rather than the call being recorded as a passed crime or a follow up on a crime which is what you get when a burglar alarm is triggered the call is instead recorded as a crime is progress and police are dispatched immediately giving the burglar no time to gather up your belonging.

Some homeowners will sometimes call family members or neighbours too who can be at the property in minutes.

Many burglars have found out the effectiveness of home CCTV systems the hard way and ended up being arrested at the scene making these homes off limits so CCTV systems do in fact act as a deterrent and have prevented many crimes from taking place.

Should you installed your own CCTV system or get a professional installer.

There are a number of home CCTV systems on the market and whether you use a professional CCTV installer or go down the DIY route depends on your level of expertise and of course your budget. Lots of CCTV systems are designer for the DIY market, this fantastic system on Amazon is very easy to install and just £169.. ANNKE HDD CCTV System

Other popular Home CCTV systems include


If however you are looking for a CCTV installer then MAB Locksmiths and Security operating in the Midlands offer some of the best prices we have seen for fully fitted CCTV systems… here’s a link to there website

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