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Locksmith Response Times in Rural Areas

We have all seen online and local newspaper ads posted by local locksmiths offering fast response and emergency call out services and most urban cities have an abundance of 24 hour emergency locksmiths to choose from but what about the countryside and more rural areas? Is the response time still the same and what is a fast response anyway?

Let’s first decide what we would call a fast response for a locksmith? You’re locked out of your home, business or vehicle and need to get home, get into the office or get to that important meeting on time and find yourself locked out of you building or vehicle.

You’ll want to call an emergency locksmith as soon as possible and you’ll also want to use someone who will be onsite quickly and when asked what they would consider an average fast response time most people say within the hour, however, some people say within 30 minutes, but even in the city this can be a bit optimistic so lets stick with under an hour because under an hour can be 55 minutes, 40 minutes, 30 minutes or even less depending on your location.

So lets say you live or work in a more rural area say Alfreton, Derbyshire for example which is about 15 miles outside of Nottingham and just a bit farther from Derby, it’s quite a rural area so you probably wouldn’t expect to find a locksmith based here so you’ll possibly be looking at getting a locksmith to come out from Nottingham or Derby, now as a rule you wouldn’t search these large cities you would search for Alfreton itself and see what locksmith covers that area because some locksmiths only work in the city where the money is and don’t really like to come out to anywhere outside of the city because for some of these locksmith the fees they can charge for a basic emergency call out simply doesn’t justify the distance they’ll need to travel.

Of course some locksmiths will welcome the work and don’t see the distance as being a problem because once you leave the city the roads open up there is less traffic and the distance becomes less of a problem and they can usually still be onsite well within the hour especially if its and evening or night job when traffic is even lighter.

So what about the reports you hear about and the reviews you read on trusted traders websites where a local locksmith has taken literally hours to get to a property, vehicle or business that was only 10 miles ways from the locksmiths base of operations?

There are a couple of reasons why this would happen, the first reason is that the locksmith simply didn’t set off when he claimed he was setting off and waited until he was going that way or simply took his time, this is just poor customer service and laziness and these locksmiths deserve the bad reviews they are getting.

The second and more disturbing reason is that they didn’t contact a local locksmith at all and in fact had the misfortune of contacting a national locksmith call centre. These are simply call centres who market their service across the country claiming to have a engineer in every town and village across the United Kingdom when in fact they employ no engineers and simply contact – for a cut of the profits – the nearest local locksmith on their books, sometime sending a locksmith from 50 or even 100 miles away after duping the customer into thinking that hey had contacted a local independent locksmith.

Unfortunately for the customer these types of companies in general charge 4 or 5 time the average rate charged by a legitimate local locksmith for the same job so after waiting longer than they expected they got a massive invoice too.

So how do you avoid these rogue companies? It can be difficult especially when you are in a hurry and don’t want to be left waiting but there are a few tell tale signs like a national telephone number or a generic corporate looking website that doesn’t really tell you who the locksmith is. A genuine local locksmith will have a local number or mobile phone number and a personalised website showing them or their vehicle… another sign that tells you that it’s a genuine local locksmith is when their website says “no call out fee” as most local independent don’t charge a callout fee whereas the call centres do so that they can bump up the price even more.

Even though you are in an emergency it’s probably better to spend 5 or 10 minutes checking out the locksmith rather that getting stung and left waiting by a call centre.

MAB Locksmiths are a genuine local locksmith covering Nottingham and Derby, offering a genuine 24 hour service with no call out fee

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