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What is the acceptable call out time for an emergency locksmith

Many of us have been in the horrible situation where we have found ourselves locked out of our home, business or office or had the shocking realisation that we just have locked our car with the keys still inside the ignition, it’s happened to most of us, some of us more than once and a majority of us know that you simple get on your mobile phone and search/call out an emergency locksmith to remedy the situation, but what is the acceptable call out time for an emergency locksmith?

We all have different ideas on what the acceptable call out time should be but it actually depends on the area and time of day.

Most UK locksmiths will advertise an emergency call out service, a 24/7 emergency locksmith service or a fast response lock out service, a few will put an actual time on their website, advertisement or sales literature this is normally something like within the hour or under an hour, however you’ll always find a clause attached to statements like these such as ‘average response time’ or some other clause that is there so you simply cant kick up a fuss when that take longer than you expected.

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It’s easy to use unrealistic time frames and legally and also morally get way with it when you are dealing with averages as a couple of local jobs 5 minutes down the road will offset any call outs that took a good few hours to get to and get sorted . It’s all about competition; if one local emergency locksmith is saying they can be with you within the hour then rival companies must do the same otherwise they risk nobody calling and using them. There is a problem with this scenario; the locksmith must then try and hit the arrival time they estimated otherwise the customer may be upset, by reluctant to pay the full bill or worst case scenario call someone else whilst you all on your way.

So what can locksmiths do to keep customer happy and still compete with rivals?

It’s always better to be totally honest and upfront with a customer when they first ring up, take into account the time of day and the area they live in and tell the customer how long you’ll actually be without lying.

Even if the arrival time that you give the customer is longer than you originally advertised on your website or in your advertisement; 9 times out of 10 the customer will go ahead and book you rather than hanging up and trying another local locksmith especially if you have given a good reason for the longer than expected arrival time by telling the customer things like; it’s currently very busy on the roads or that they are a bit out of your way and it will take you a while to get out to them. If you do this then it’s unlikely that the customer will try another locksmith as they’ll assume they’ll just get the same answer and call out time and simple delay things themselves .

Does the call out time change depending on the area?

Call out times can differ depending on the location. People and working living in more rural, countryside areas expect a longer response time whereas people living in the cities or large metropolitan areas such as Greater Manchester, Greater London etc expect a quicker response time yet it can sometimes be the opposite way around. It may be quicker for a locksmith to travel 50 miles down quite country roads than travel 5 miles across a busy city during rush hour.

In summary, call out and response times do vary but if you stick with the independent locksmiths where the person you speak too is the person who comes out to you and avoid the national call centres you won’t be too disappointed

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