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Reducing Landfill through Proper Recycling, Waste Disposal and Skip Hire

There are many different waste removal and disposal methods available to both businesses and the general public here in the UK, some legal some not so legal but the type and the amount of waste you have effects the method of waste disposal or removal that you or your business uses.

Over the past 10 years or so the whole of the UK has focused on reducing its carbon footprint by convincing people and business to recycle a majority of their daily waste rather than to simply throwing everything into landfill, so recycling should have increased and more waste should now be being recycled and the UK’s carbon footprint should have reduced significantly, right?

Shockingly recycling rates in the UK have actually fallen and almost half of all local authorities have reported lower recycling rates in the 2016-2017 period than the 2011-2012 period when recycling rates first started to be monitored by local councils due to guidelines that where  introduced by the then coalition government in an effect to sort out the shear mess that Tony Blair’s labour government left the UK in after squandering taxpayers money by rewarding the lazy and unemployable layabouts during their 1997 to 2010 leadership.

So Why Did The UK’s Carbon Footprint Increase Under The Labour Government?

A well documented fact although widely denied by the left is that the Labour Government rewarded the non worker, the unemployable layabout, the drug user, the benefit scrounger with 5 kids and increased benefit payments year after year to a point where people on benefits, especially the one’s with large families living the North of England in Counties such as Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland where in fact better off than the working class.

For the first time in UK history individuals on benefits had expendable income and a lot of it and unlike people who prefer to earn their money through either employed work or self employment these people favour takeaways and junk food rather than budgeting or cooking a healthy family meal. The thing about junk food and takeaway food is that it creates a lot of non-recyclable waste and a 2014 survey discovered that people living in poorer areas tend not to recycle as much as people living in more middle to upper class areas so even bio-degradable materials such as paper and cardboard ends up in landfill if disposed of in poorer area such as council estates.

How Can Local Councils Force People To Recycle?

Over the past couple of years many local authorities have been getting tough on non-recyclers, first they reduced standard (landfill) refuse collection to just twice a month, then after a few months trial they reduced it again to just once a month in an effort to force people to separate their waste into recyclables, and in the past few months a number of councils across the country having been employing staff to go out on bin day and search bins for recyclables and then fine the owners if they continually fail to separate their waste into recyclables and non recyclables. Some of the first councils to trial this somewhat drastic and controversial method have been South Ribble Borough Council, Bolton Metropolitan Council , Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, Leeds City Council and Harrogate Borough Council after towns and cities in their boroughs had some of the lowest recycling levels in the country with towns such as Ashton In Makerfield, Leigh, Leyland and Hindley dominating the tops of these embarrassing lists.

So What Can Working People Do?

The levels of household waste recycling is much higher in areas where a majority of the population are either employed or in self employment, whether it’s down to simply wanting to recycle more and help the environment or just the fact that people who work for a living tend to be more reluctant to waste their hard earned money on takeaways and junk food, so produce less waste as a result.

Skip Hire Chorley

However, Working people do produce other types of waste and rubbish. Working people tend to own their own home so will on occasion engage in some form of DIY or home improvement and whether it’s simply a new sofa, garden furniture set or a new house extension or attic conversion it will produce a lot of waste, a majority or which will not be recyclable.

When disposing of this sort of waste the homeowner must take steps to ensure that the waste is disposed of legally and properly so it has the least amount or impact on the countries carbon footprint. Hiring a man with a van for rubbish removal on the cheap will usually see the rubbish fly tipped in a nearby town or village and then if any or the rubbish can be traced back to you, a big fine for your trouble.

The decent, legal and proper way to get large amounts for rubbish removed whether it’s building waste and rubble from a home extension project or general waste from an attic or garage clear out is to hire a skip. Skip Hire companies legally require a waste carrier’s licence – a man with a van doesn’t – so you know that your rubbish, rubble, waste or old sofa is being disposed of in a proper way and in a way that has the least impact on the environment.

Most large towns and cities have number of professional, fully licensed skip hire companies who’ll provide any permits, drop off the skip and collect it again when full and most will travel outside of the town or city they of base in so even if you live in a small village in the middle on nowhere, fly tipping is no excuse.

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